In all honesty, it’s likely that when thinking about a “sample pack”, it’s loads of similar kicks and snares, preset-feel-like melodic sequences and loops, and generic sound design for you, all-around. Well, it’s not that we haven’t already tried to change that mindset with our packs’ curation so far, but working with Benoît Pioulard for this one gives me, personally, such chills and excitement that I can’t even use words to describe.


Tom is warmly pulling back the curtain for an insight into his production process, and this couldn’t have felt more inspiring to us. Being able to offer you a collection of sounds, that, almost each one of them, can generate a whole new universe of ideas, is the main reason for doing what we do, the way we do it.

Gold & Sand’s universe expands from intimate ambiences and evolving drones, to heavily manipulated rhythmic and tonal progressions (and everything in-between), all with the delicate touch that Pioulard adds to whatever he creates.

84 long-evolving, royalty-free audio files
980MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 19 atmospherics & ambiences
  • 41 percussion patterns & hits
  • 24 tonal loops & progressions


It might feel incomplete to fully understand Gold & Sand’s concept through just a handful of its sounds, but here they are, in any case, to introduce you to Benoît Pioulard’s universe.