Getting his inspiration from nature and the sounds around him, El Búho really stretched some casual workflow boundaries in order to deliver Natural Vibrations, his first signature sound pack. Aiming for an organic vibe, Robin combines -later creatively processed- found sounds with synth explorations, and recordings of engaging flute and guitar melodies with groovy drum loops, among others.


These result in an open, dreamy, textured sound, where layered crunches, sub-basses and crackling leaves’ noises dance in harmony, occasionally with lots of reverb and delay involved. Adding these to your production, shall instantly inspire you, and offer your tracks/mixes the sappy, organic vibes they might have been missing.

120 royalty-free audio files
357MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 49 Melodic Sequences & Loops
  • 21 Percussive & Rhythmic Loops
  • 31 Percussive Hits
  • 19 One-Shots & other SFX


Birdsongs, flute rhythms and organic loops are available in our free taster pack, as a glimpse to Natural Vibrations’ world. Sign up for our newsletter to get these in your inbox.