Having inspired countless music lovers and producers for over 20 years, ISAN present “Pond Skating”, their first signature sample pack. By laying down their favourite techniques while experimenting with both their rare as well as their most modern and “commercial” synthesizers and other instruments, they are offering a huge selection of sounds to inspire you and lend a flavour of their dusty tones to your tracks.


Unique retro drum machines in full self-expression mode, drifting modular sequences and well-thought and designed one-shots among others are now available to mine for material. Discover hidden rhythms from looped repetition, layer sounds on top of each other for polyrhythmic flavours or sample across a keyboard for some old-school vibes.

Within each folder you will find a brief text detailing the thinking behind these selections. We advise you to expand these thoughts and adapt them to your workflow. As the duo said – and we totally agree: “No rules on how you approach this set of sounds. If something sounds right, it is right!”.

478 royalty-free audio files
1,6 GB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 105 Melodic Loops & Sequences
  • 126 Percussion Loops & Sequences
  • 18 Tape Loops
  • 229 Percussive & Miscellaneous One-Shots


For a first idea of what’s included in this enormous sample pack, download our free pack. In its latest version it sure is a good taster for all of our releases.