Would you ever consider that each added element your next song needs in order to stand out, should be seen as one out of many colourful details that decorate the whole? PALLADIAN, the Barcelona-based duo with a background in architecture, combine their two passions and approach music production as if it is the creation of a building.


With such an approach in mind, they deliver a wide variety of FUNDAMENTAL MATERIALS, where each of them then translates to multiple interpretations, ranging from beats to melodic lines to atmospheres and so many more, that you can use as the foundation for, or decorate your own productions with.

As with design and architecture, where a certain material or technique can have countless applications, same goes for music production. Get inspired by an original idea, then adapt it to your needs and build your own, extraordinary story. Luckily, and in contrast to the actual construction industry, happy accidents can happen in the process, leading to new, unique results!

203 royalty-free audio files
384MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 56 Stripped-down Drum Loops
  • 83 Drum & Percussive One-shots
  • 14 Keys Melodic Loops
  • 11 Bass tones
  • 10 Atmospheric Backing Loops
  • 29 Bells & Plucks Loops


Start building your next track’s foundation with this free collection of sound materials, including extracts from all of Intimate Noise’s releases.