An extremely selective set of sounds lies within Formation. Skyence chose a non genre-specific path and offers a wide range of samples to evoke inspiration and guide you through worlds you may previously thought as of non-musical usability. From beautifully uneven beats to chaotic sequences and soundscapes, finally back to the tranquillity of an autumn sunrise, the palette of sounds in Formation reflects the edges and imperfections that a lot of his sound design is built upon.

Demo track by Jericho

Arpeggios, pads, insane percussive elements either as one-shots or loops, even a couple of custom Kontakt Instruments; Formation is a really unique sample pack that is more than likely to let you discover new areas of interest and help you be creative in your own world. It is an invitation to let go of bars, beats and grids and get lost in a dense sonic bath.

Demo track by Polarity

155 royalty-free audio files
2 custom KONTAKT instruments
952 MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 27 Stabs
  • 17 Percussive Loops
  • 60 Percussive One-Shots
  • 17 Pads
  • 32 Arpeggios & Bass lines


Download our free sample pack, featuring sounds originally found in FORMATION, to get a first idea of Skyence’s creative approach.