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Rotten Organics is a pack of original designed sounds, based on the idea of organic timbres heavily processed or re-interpreted throughout electronics, whether this means staying completely in-the-box, using hardware samplers or relying on modular synthesizers, depending on the needs… The creative process was centered around synthesis and field recordings, combining both of them into compelling material that was then followed by an intense processing stage.


“Inside the pack there are one-shot samples, melodic hits, loops and construction-ish kits, all of them conceived with a strong re-sampling purpose: users should have fun chopping and distorting them, using their most interesting harmonic content, re-adapt everything to their own projects. This way of work truly reflects my usual methodology when it comes to sound design and creation of audio material”, Stèv says.

Different techniques used with no particular genre-based focus intended. Portable recorders were mostly used for field-recordings whereas various microphones got the in-studio waves. Other sounds were initially generated using modular as well as standalone synthesizers, hardware samplers and VST’s, with most of them processed creatively through custom effects devices coded in Max/MSP.

174 royalty-free audio files
207 MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 28 Beats & Grooves
  • 23 Melodic Sequences
  • 35 Pads & Textures
  • 38 SFX Sounds
  • 50 One-Shots (Kicks, Snares & other percussives)


Get a first glimpse of the creativity lying in ROTTEN ORGANICS by downloading our free sample pack below.