Being a weirdo is amazing when it has to do with arts. Not just a weirdo for the sake of being weird but because you can actually think out of the box and re-imagine the standards. Tendts, this greek duo, do actually take what is for granted, add their weirdness in and present their signature sample pack for all the fellow creative weirdos out there!


Even the equipment used isn’t the one you’d expect from an -often- upbeat and optimistic band, with vintage drum machines, tape-recorders and out of production synths having the greatest part in playing what was then recorded and properly tidied up to be possibly the oddest mainstream sample pack you‘ll ever end up with!

Try to decrypt their filenames (oh, don’t do that!) or just experiment by using their loops, you ‘ve been warned though! These are NOT your casual 4/4 loops, and since we are men (and women) of our word, we do mean it when we say that you are about to end up with results you had never imagined.

149 royalty-free audio files
413 MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 48 50BPM Loops
  • 44 85BPM Loops
  • 57 120BPM Loops


Start the crazy vibes rolling immediately by downloading our free sample pack, including sounds originally found in ODDITY!