WMD’s music always felt so refreshingly calm, so inspiring, yet evocative to me. Having Michael deconstruct his approach, offering this deep insight into his work through Still Life, his signature sound pack, fills me with warm, uplifting feelings. The anticipation to finally share it with you may now resolve into this delicate result, hence the personal tone.


With his distinctive, ear-catching melodic loops being the core of this dreamy selection, WMD also includes an array of recordings, ranging from sampling his go-to bass sound to capturing nature’s sounds, to hitting creativity highs while extracting percussive hits out of the most unusual sources.

Having shared the stage (or, lately, the live streaming screen) with names like Plaid, Teen Daze and Noble Oak among others, Erickson, aside from his unique, dreamy and melancholic sound, has developed a deeper understanding of electronic music in general, an aspect which he deeply incorporates in Still Life, with his main concern being the urge to guide and help you express the most creative self of yours, regardless the genre.

95 royalty-free audio files
274MB | 24bit – 44.1kHz

  • 33 Melodic Sequences & Loops
  • 19 Drum Loops
  • 23 Drum Hits
  • 15 Sampled Voices (3 Guitar & Bass instruments)
  • 5 SFX


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