An anniversary, a bundle, and a giveaway

It was the summer of 2019 when Intimate Noise saw the light of day. We weren’t sure how this would work out, as we knew we weren’t reinventing the wheel but tried to present our values and aesthetics nevertheless, hoping we could inspire new and existing producers out there.

We couldn’t believe that we had our first artists on board without even having an actual website in place, and for that, they will all have a special place in my heart. Time goes by, the website goes live, and the first purchase drops in! It was that moment when I thought “whoa, yeah, there must be people out there who might like what we do eventually, so let’s do this!”.

Over the next six months, things were slowly but steadily growing. We had established some really inspiring communications, with my favorite out of them, becoming Pond Skating, the signature pack from my late 20’s heroes ISAN. It was a massive collection of finely curated sounds, that brought some vintage and super rare machines, and other, commercial ones, to life. Pond Skating started great, but then Covid happened. Everything kinda stopped, including some of our packs-in-the-making. We weren’t widely known enough to start all these huge offers, and we couldn’t find new artists to work with, as this new situation made everyone feel vulnerable, and return to their trusted shelters.

Semi-managing to deal with the lockdown and some health issues myself, I spent most of 2020 barely supporting the everyday needs of the label, but I eventually found my way back and caught it from where it was left. Awesome things happened as we welcomed artists like WMD, the mastermind El Búho, Benoît Pioulard (another personal favorite for years), the extremely open-minded Serafim Tsotsonis, and others. A pretty talented duo, which I believe has many things to offer in the following years, PALLADIAN, is our most recent addition, releasing their signature sound pack just weeks before writing these lines.

So here we are today. It’s our 3rd anniversary and we are proud for having a small but extremely well-thought library already, made from pure love for music and production. We are extremely thankful to everyone that has supported us since the day we launched, and it is because of this support that we are now able to offer our entire library to more producers out there. Producers that seek inspiration, and would appreciate this gesture, which comes as an honest “thank you” gift from us to you.

Our entire collection, our everything BUNDLE is now available, offered at a little more than 91% OFF of its price if purchased separately. This pretty insane offer will be available only during June, our birthday month.

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To make it even better, whoever has bought more than 2 packs during 2022, and of course, everyone who gets the bundle until June 30th, will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a brand new NATIVE INSTRUMENTS M32 controller, that powerful portable beast. And I’ll be sure to throw an Intimate Noise silkscreen-printed t-shirt in there too. There’s no other way to get such a t-shirt, as these are not for sale, so that’s a pretty cool extra for the lucky one! Winner can be everywhere in the world, basically wherever parcels ship.

That’s it for now. Hope our sounds inspire and motivate you to write some music you’ll be proud of. And best of luck with winning that controller, too!

We’ll be in touch soon, with more, exciting news! Thanks for being around, means the world 🙂


Philippos & the Intimate Noise family



UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER! Mink S. (order Nr. 2838) is the lucky new owner of the controller. The package will be flying to Rotterdam, NL to rest in its new home!