ISAN’s Pond Skating turns one

A year back, in times when most of us had only read about past lockdowns and had never considered what a life with no live events would be like, we released our collaboration with ISAN. It was a great moment for us here since we were already huge, long-term fans of the duo, and being able to actually release their signature pack on our newly founded label bursted us with confidence.

Since then, Pond Skating has managed to inspire many producers, yet we want it to inspire even more. For that, and to properly celebrate Pond Skating’s anniversary, we have some very special goodies, both from ISAN and the Intimate Noise HQs, which you can win with either your creativity skills or your luck!

One lucky owner of Pond Skating will be randomly drawn and receive an ISAN vinyl*, a $100 store credit, plus a package of additional Intimate Noise and ISAN goodies. If you haven’t got it already, this is your chance as the pack is on special birthday price, 50% off through March.

  • Create a musical piece/performance of at least 45 seconds, using at least 2 sounds from Pond Skating, and upload it to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter profile (it can be a post that links to a YouTube video as well).
  • Use hashtag #anoiseskatingyear in its description.
  • Find us and ISAN there, follow us and tag us in the description so you’ll be sure we can listen to your track.

Submissions accepted until the 31st of March.

Most creative/inspiring track will receive an Intimate Noise package of goodies, alongside an ISAN vinyl* and a $100 store credit. It will also be shared on our newsletter and other channels, so be sure you do your best.

No need to buy the full pack in order to take part in the contest, well unless you want the full library as inspiration. If you’ve already subscribed to our newsletter you should already have bits and parts of the pack over time. If not, subscribe here to get the latest version of our free collection or directly download this free anniversary pack, containing 8 original Pond Skating sounds you can manipulate as per your own choices.


Goes without saying that you can enter both parts of the campaign, aiming to win both vinyls and a get-everything access on Intimate Noise library! If you’ve already bought Pond Skating at anytime during this past year, you’re already in for the giveaway part.

Follow ISAN: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
Follow Intimate Noise: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Best of luck to everyone!


UPD. April 1st: Submissions have now closed, winners will be announced in the following days.

UPD. April 7th: WINNERS have been announced. David R. (da********n@yahoo.com) is the giveaway’s one, and Tristan with his submission “Approaching Nibiru“, is the contest’s one. Watch Tristan’s full submission here.

4 more submissions get a $15 credit voucher each. These are Fabian K. aka Tagmata (submission), Sturm (submission), Crackdaniels (submission), and The Quiet Wood (submission).

Winners will be -or have already been- contacted in order to set up prizes’ delivery process. Thanks all for joining!


*Vinyls to be given away are “Lamenting Machine” and “Glass Bird Movement”. Winners will be contacted upon the end of the campaign to make their selection.