Christmas FREE Sample Pack – BPB’s Bundle

Giving back is always a wonderful way to express gratitude and let those around you know that you feel thankful for having their support and trust in what you do. That is why we felt more than happy to contribute our part in this free Christmas bundle that Bedroom Producers Blog now offers to their community of musicians and -not only bedroom- producers out there.

We ‘ve finely selected quite a few sounds out of every pack we have released so far that should work as helpful elements when building your next track. Note that this pack was made exclusively for BPB, meaning it does not include content found in the -always available- free pack on our website.

These loops, one-shots and other melodic elements, alongside tools, virtual instruments and other sounds* found in BPB’s bundle are our way to say “thank you” to each one of you for being around these first months since our launch date.

Merry Christmas everybody, stay safe and creative!

“Create music you’d love to listen to.”


* Additional content offered by AudioThing, Cluster Sound, Drum Depot, ModeAudio, Rhythmic Robot, SampleScience, Sound Dust, Synth Magic and Wave Alchemy.