What is it that matters?

What is it that matters

You might have already seen the short animation over at our home page. It’s also possible you ended up here via one of our first instagram or soundcloud posts. Either way, that “Samples that matter” motto might have just caught your attention.

It goes without saying that, here at Intimate Noise, we aim at offering unique content, helpful to each one of you individually. Content that we‘d love if every single file served as the initial inspiration in order to help you create your own sonic path and palette, content that’s not only open-minded, but produced in the highest of standards as well. Was it only that need that led us use these words as a guide though?

We live in times that most of us struggle on our own, unwilling to seek fellow minded people to share ideas, ask for help, join forces with. This translates in creating an unreachable self, often unable to trust new people, accept creative and constructive critique and inevitably keeping us within our comfort zone, downsizing any existing potential of creating something great. This reality, however, is so contrary to the beauty of music, to the happiness of collaborating, creating and sharing such knowledge and ideas. And what a pleasure it actually is, when recognition is given to all that played their part in having that music heard!

What actually MATTERS is the trust in our strengths, the trust in our friends’ and collaborators’ strength, patience and gratitude.

Through Intimate Noise we ‘ll be around to help you by offering the most creative of our ideas, as well as tips and techniques, shared either by us or our friends so that you eventually become the best version of yourself. We‘ll embrace the community and always try to evolve as individuals as well, we are together in this journey.

For starters, grab this free pack to get the first vibe and be sure to frequently check us out on new packs, studio tips and suggestions.